GoodSAM is a very collaborative organisation - there are many emergency and first aid organisations - we all have the same goal - to help our local community in times of emergency.

GoodSAM aims to be a glue that can help us all work together. We have no exclusivity arrangements and if you think we can help your organisation, please do get in touch.

Examples of some of the organisations we are working with include:

Through a NESTA grant, we have created an API that allows the GoodSAM system to be activated by and work with Computer Aided Dispatch systems.

We also have had a fantastic support from The British Cardiovascular Society.

The BMJ Journals Heart and Open Heart

SaveLIFE Foundation India:
We are currently working with SaveLIFE to enable their trained responders to be alerted to the many road traffic incidents across India.

CFR Ireland:
With CFR Ireland, we are helping map the defibrillators across Ireland and create a pan Ireland CFR Network.

The entire #FOAMed community


Business Hours

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  • Sunday: Closed

Core Principles

  • Governance
  • Security
  • Innovation