GoodSAM Foundation

The GoodSAM Foundation has the following core principles:

- To ensure equity of care and emergency response irrespective of location
- To provide an infrastructure to support volunteering and the multi-agency working of volunteers for cardiac arrest and health and social care.
- To support education in how technology can be used to provide care and emergency response globally.
- To utilise the technology and community we develop to tackle the global challenges of today such as conflict and climate change.

Examples of how the foundation is doing these things:

Equity of care and emergency response irrespective of location

We work globally to ensure everyone has access to the best emergency care. Using instant location, we can ensure that people are rapidly found. Using instant video specialists can give immediate personalised advice and work through the hands of bystanders to undertake lifesaving interventions such as hold an airway open or start CPR. We are providing this free or at minimal cost in countries such as Brazil and Papua New Guinea.

Supporting Volunteering and Crowd Sourcing Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation

GoodSAM created the world's most advanced and highly governed cardiac arrest alerting system 9 years ago. Today, this platform is used around the world and saves many lives. If you have a GoodSAM response, it triples the chance of survival.

The ability to geo-locate those in need and match them to those nearby who can help has led GoodSAM to become the NHS Volunteer platform.

We run all volunteer services at or below cost being supplemented by other areas we work in.

Global Education and Shared Learning

The global network of emergency (ambulance, police and fire) professionals using GoodSAM means there are those with highly specialised knowledge and experience of the new world or remote care. For example, there is a specialised skill set in managing trauma (estimating blood loss, controlling haemorrhage), mental health, stroke, chest pain, cardiac arrest etc remotely. We host regular webinars for this global network to support shared learning and the transfer of knowledge around the world.

Tackling Global Challenges

GoodSAM is provided at no cost to areas of conflict (e.g. Ukraine) and following natural disasters (e.g. the Caribbean post hurricanes). In these circumstances it is used to coordinate emergency responders. The video component also enables those who are in some way trapped or unable to be reached to still get expert advice.

We also believe that the adaption of technology can have considerable benefit reducing carbon consumption and we hope to play our part in transforming health and emergency care into a carbon neutral sector.