I am a Nurse...

Nurses with basic and advanced life support skills are very welcome to join GoodSAM. Here's how it works...

Set Up:

You need to register here. You'll be asked to put in your registration number (in the UK that's your NMC number, in Australia that's your APHRA number etc) and upload a copy of your work ID. We just use this to speed up the process of authentication.
When you register your email address, it is best to use your work email, however the activation code goes to this email address hence if you don't have access to it, you may have to wait until you get to work.
Once you've got your activation code, activate your account. We then authenticate you (allow 72 hours) and you're good to go.
Please occasionally check that your Responder App is active with tracking enabled. We can't alert you if it isn't.


If you receive an alert you can either accept or reject it. If you have to reject it, don't worry, the next nearest responder will be activated.
If you accept it then please make your way to the emergency as rapidly as possible. Your phone will give you directions as well as information about the person you are attending.


Your skills rather than equipment are the most important thing you can bring - the ability to hold an airway open and perform CPR. However, if you wish to carry medical equipment, please check our equipment guide.

Mission Log:

Like any clinical interaction, it is essential you keep a record of what happened and what you did. We provide have provided this in the form of a Mission Log which you have access to after your account has have been activated. Please log in and you would be able to access the logs from the "Manage" page.

Core Principles

  • Governance
  • Security
  • Innovation