Register as an organisation

Organisations such as:

  - Ambulance services
  - Public sector body in which first aid training is statutory (e.g. police / fire services)
  - First aid charities (e.g. St John)
  - Private training organisations

Can now register as organisations on the GoodSAM platform.


As an organsiation, you can utilise many features of the GoodSAM platform - for example, whilst protecting the privacy of your members, you can see where they are during events. You can also communicate directly with them individually or en mass through push messages as well as emails.

GoodSAM is all about creating a network of responders. Ambulance services alerting through CAD can select which organisations they are happy to alert. Your organization can then be credited for such responses.

By having your members on the GoodSAM platform, they would have a new way to interact with each other (they can communicate directly through the App) and it provides a tool alerting them when their certification is about to expire, encouraging them to renew their training.


Once on the system, there are a couple of ways to get your members approved:

1) When they register they can select your organisation as their verifying organisation and you can then approve them individually (the governance of GoodSAM is paramount, hence it is vital that only members known to you to be up to date with training are approved).
2) If you have many members, is we can set up a system of automatic approval for applications from specific email addresses.


For information on some of the features and options for different organisations click here link to pricing page.

We are always bringing out new features and if you have a specific need, then please do contact us.

Registration Criteria

If you would like to register your organisation, this has to be requested at a senior level (Medical Director/CEO, an ambulance trust or the CFR lead), so please contact them in the first instance. For large organisations we can get you online very quickly. For smaller organisations we need to run a few background checks (e.g. train to HSE standards / AOFA registered).

Register as an Organisation


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