GoodSAM Monitoring

NHS at Home / Virtual Covid Wards

GoodSAM's mission statement is to use technology to save lives and improve health. The platform has revolutionised emergency services through our "Instant-On-Scene" Video system enabling patients to be seen immediately and video forwarded for expert opinions.

But GoodSAM Monitoring takes this to the next level.

With the Covid situation requiring us to minimise face to face consultations and admission to hospital, we are providing additional tools that can support keeping patients safe at home. This means being able to regularly check on them (through video) but also allow them to self-monitor and report their vital signs.

We are working with our NHS Volunteers to deliver pulse oximeters to those who may deteriorate with Covid. It is important to detect silent hypoxaemia, and the GoodSAM Monitoring system can do this.

Instant Vital Signs

We have developed a highly sophisticated algorithm that can measure a patient's heart rate directly through the video stream. We are about to release respiratory rate as well.

Home Monitoring

Within the administrator dashboard, new patients can be set up for Home Monitoring. Simply input the way to send them requests (phone number or email) and how often you wish to have data requests scheduled (e.g. every 4 hours for 5 days). The patient or carer then receives a text with a request for the observations at that time. If they are outside of the normal ranges the system flags them both to those in control but also to the career advising them to make direct contact.

The observations are automatically plotted to see any deterioration over time.

This "Virtual Ward" system means that many patients do not need to be admitted but can be observed, both through video and data to ensure that if their condition changes appropriate action can be taken.

To request a demonstration or to find out more about GoodSAM Home Monitoring, please get in touch.