Delivering 111 First

Coordinated Response to Care

GoodSAM has led the way in remote assessment and triage for the emergency and urgent sector. Combining our Team Management system with, our in hospital and outpatient service, we provide the complete, fully integrated solution for 111, Out of Hours Services, Integrated Urgent Care and Same Day Emergency Care. GoodSAM is the platform that can truly deliver 111First.

GoodSAM pioneered App-less video consultation while also maintaining a 111/999 call. This has been used across the UK during Covid to provide seamless care (no need to hang up, no need to download anything) - just immediate visualisation of the problem. We live and breath this and have developed a wealth of other functionality no other services provide.

This is much more than just "video conferencing" - it is built for YOU.

Multi-participant Video

You can bring in a specialist, translator, senior support or a family member (up to 20 people) to the consultation with no apps required.

Instant Transcribe / Translate

No need for a translator - instantly see words for hard of hearing and translate into other languages. (We support 108 languages)

Pop-Out Window

No need for a second screen.
Pop out video to type in notes and maintain patient eye contact throughout.

Video Forwarding

You can forward the video to up to 100 people to get a specialist opinion immediately.

Instant Vital Signs

Our built in Artificial Intelligence system reads heart rate of one or more people in under 10 seconds.

Instant Location

Instantly locate the caller and see resources around them. (Lat/lng, Easting/Northing and W3W)

Share Screen

Show the patient what to do or show them the picture of their scans/documents.

Replace / Blur Background

Keep it professional even when working at home with a corporate background.

Next Steps Texts

Make sure patient knows where to go / what to do next with pre-set follow up texts.

Book ED and UCC appointments

We can integrate into your Cerner or any EPR system to create appointments or 2 hour window slots.

Optional recording feature

There are three options for storage. No storage, in cloud or, through an API, local storage. The cloud storage has automated retention periods which can be set and modified for different videos.

Evidence of Benefit

There is now a plethora of evidence of benefit to patients and pathway efficiency using GoodSAM. NHS Digital demonstrated with NW Ambulance 111 that GoodSAM Video:

- in 93% of uses makes treatment decisions quicker.
- in 62% it then avoids the need for face-to-face contact.
- In 24% it downgraded and in 18% upgraded the response.
- And call times were reduced from 15 to 6 minutes.

All this and patients appreciate that they have actually "been seen".

Visit for the report. We can supply additional papers and reports of benefit.

Directing People Away from the Emergency Dept

111 and Out of Hours Providers, Hospitals and GPs: We are instantly deployable to enable 111 providers to surge capacity. No need for additional hardware such as second screens or webcams.

750,000 NHS Volunteers: During Covid, GoodSAM has recruited, managed and deployed the 750,000 NHS Volunteers to a range of tasks including social support, transport and delivery of medicines and food. With the GoodSAM platform, you have access to this huge resource to help in a range of non-clinical support roles.

Full Integration or Stand Alone

The GoodSAM platform has integrated with a plethora of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) Systems.

We are Care Connect Ready so can book GP/ IUC and Hospital patient appointments both as video or F2F.

Digital Inclusion

We believe everyone should have access to the best care which is why we pioneered remote care. We are now taking this to the next level.

Our instant transcribe function means those deaf or hard of hearing can read the words (not possible over a phone). We also translate spoken words into over 100 languages instantly.

And the 750,000 NHS Volunteers offers a new opportunity for those with no internet connection or devices. With someone on virtually every street in England, there are huge opportunities to ensure everyone is included.

Why us?

We believe in providing the very best care for patients. We have been in this space innovating for nearly 10 years with Governance, Security, Innovation and Collaboration as our core pillars. We passionately believe in innovating and delivering reliable systems that enable better care for patients.

- Our cardiac alerting platform has saved many hundred of lives around the world.
- We are the tech platform to the 750,000 NHS Volunteers providing help in Covid (that's way more drivers than Uber and Deliveroo combined!)
- We provide for some of the biggest emergency services in the world.
- No third party software - everything is built in house. This means we can adapt and build the PERFECT solution for you... just speak to our NHS Partners!
- Meets all NHS and GDPR digital requirements.