(S)martphone (A)ctivated (M)edics
1) Alerts those medically trained to nearby emergencies to enable life saving interventions prior to emergency service arrival.
2) Is the most advanced App, Web and CAD integration platform to do this.
3) Is highly governed (all Responders are checked) and secured.
4) Organisations (e.g. Police / Fire / First Aid Organisation) can also use the platform.
5) Comprises the most complete AED Registry that is continually being added to.

The Apps:

Responder App: If trained, download the App, select the organization you work with (or GoodSAM if not listed) and upload your certification/ID to be verified.

Alerter App: Anyone can download the alerter App. If you come across a life threatening emergency, press the red "Emergency" button and the App calls the emergency services and alerts the nearest responders.

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Features of Alerter App (Anyone who witnesses an emergency)

Features of Responder App (Anyone who is medically qualified and approved)

Features of Organisations account

GoodSAM's Live Stats

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