The Need:

You know how you are probably never more than 3 feet from a spider? You are probably never more than 200m from a doctor, nurse or a paramedic.... so you can ask for their help in emergencies!

That's where the Good SAM App comes in - a tool utilising the latest in App development that intends to alert those with medical training to nearby emergencies so that potentially life-saving interventions can be given before the arrival of emergency services.

When someone has a medical emergency or a traumatic event that affects heart function or ability to breathe, seconds count. It's critical that they receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR - chest compressions and rescue breaths) and defibrillation in the first three to four minutes.

The GoodSAM system also has a built in crowd-sourced defibrillator registry. With this built-in function, GoodSAM users can help even before a life is in danger, by registering public access defibrillators throughout the community

Getting a defibrillator quickly to someone who is suffering a cardiac arrest can often mean the difference between life and death!

The App:

Good SAM is a community of Good Samaritans, happy to assist if they are the closest person to an emergency. Many are off duty doctors, nurses, paramedics and other members of the emergency services. They are trained in first aid and may have additional skills. They can maintain an airway, help stop bleeding and if necessary help perform lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Who Are We?

We have used the latest in App technology to build a platform that can alert Good Samaritans in emergencies, show them where help is needed and, if they are available, guide them to the patient.