Mission Statement:

"To Save life and stop harm through technology"

GoodSAM was founded in 2013 to radically change the response to Cardiac Arrests. By alerting those trained to nearby cardiac arrests while an ambulance is en-route, earlier CPR and defibrillation has saved many lives.

Our core values have always been:

- Governance
- Security
- Collaboration
- Innovation

It is these core values that has enabled some of the world's largest and most forward-thinking emergency services to integrate with GoodSAM. On average, GoodSAM now deploys a trained responder to a cardiac arrest every 3 minutes.

With the GoodSAM community, we have also developed the world's largest defibrillator registry.

But that platform has grown considerably since those early days. There are now hundreds of organisations using the platform and over a million people using the App.

The platform now dispatches emergency staff and community first responders to the full spectrum of emergency requirements. It also provides a communication platform for incident management and has been used in major incidents around the world.

Volunteer Dispatch:

In March 2020, NHS England asked us to be the registration and deployment platform for 750,000 NHS Volunteers as part of the Coronavirus crisis. This has revolutionised the third sector, connecting those in need to those who can help across a spectrum of conditions. On average, GoodSAM now deploys 10 checked volunteers every minute.

Emergency Video:

GoodSAM has led the way in emergency remote video development. We have pioneered the use of video specifically for urgent need. We were the first to be able to open callers mobile phone cameras without the need for them to download an App. We have specifically developed one-way video (maintaining the emergency call concurrently) and many other features such as video forwarding (again without app), cloud storage and video management systems and our artificial intelligence system to measure vital signs.

This system is now being used by Ambulance, Police and Fire Services, as well as Air Ambulances and commercial organisations around the world to provide urgent assessment and help.

GoodSAM is radically changing the delivery of emergency services. Please check out our relevant police, ambulance and fire pages on this website for more information.

Although founded in London, GoodSAM is global and we can have a representative from our team demonstrate the platform to you either online or in person, please don't hesitate to get in touch.