United States of America / Canada

GoodSAM provides services across the USA and Canada. GoodSAM has radically changed service delivery - simply get in touch for a demo / trial.

Instant-On-Scene Video for Fire and EMS

The ability to open any 911 caller's mobile phone camera and locate them instantly is revolutionising the immediate responses provided by emergency services.

San Antonio Fire Department for example, have pioneered this with GoodSAM and not only provide better, faster and more efficient care, but have saved the City $7.4 million last year alone.

Not only can video improve triage, but also we can start to provide care through the bystanders hands, as this example of televideo CPR demonstrates.

But the GoodSAM platform does so much more. The ability to bring others into the consultation means you can obtain roadside specialist opinions (e.g. for stroke). You can also forward video to other staff in other agencies (e.g. armed response units in active shooter scenarios).

The platform also provides direct transcription and translation functions, again speeding up the process of history taking and management.

GoodSAM is revolutionising care through ET3 and Nurse Navigator programs. If you would like to find out more, please click here or request a demo / free trial!

Cardiac Arrest Alerting

A number of services across the US and Canada are now using GoodSAM to alert, manage and deploy cardiac arrest responders. This can be nearby off duty staff, local police / fire or trained members of the public. The strict governance means they system can be used for private (where 80% of cardiac arrests occur) as well as public locations.


GoodSAM's ability to locate and stream video in a controlled, auditable secure way, and store that video for evidential purposes is revolutionising policing.

But there is more than just opening a 911 callers mobile phone camera. The live transcription and translation function means a call handler can instantly speak 150 languages.

The ability to upload attachments means evidence can be obtained, and then forwarded to nearby officers in real time.

Video can also be streamed and managed directly from drones, CCTV and Body Cams meaning that everyone can get rapid situational awareness.

For more information check our policing page, or click here to request a demo / free trial.