Delivering ET3

Coordinated response to care

GoodSAM (Instant.Help) is providing EMS services with the tools to truly deliver ET3 care, though instant On Scene Video (no Apps required), Instant Location, Instant Vital Sign Assessment and Remote Home Monitoring, we can help you revolutionise the care you provide to your community.

This system is vital in your response to Covid, both reducing transmission though Face-to-Face contact and managing patients at home.

This is much more than just "video conferencing" - it is built for Emergency Services.

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Instant Location

The location of the caller is immediately conveyed along with their direction of travel and speed. (Lat/lng, easting/northing and w3w is supported)

One Way Video

Whist the caller remains on the emergency call, the video immediately starts. Audio remains on the audio call. No camera is needed in dispatch/control.

Two way / Multi Way Video

Up to 250 people can join into a single call. This means you can add in a specialist or create a team discussion about a situation on the fly.

Video Forwarding

Video can be forwarded to seniors for immediate review and/or forwarded to other services.

Instant Vital Signs

we have developed an exclusive artificial intelligence system to measure pulse rate through the video.

Video Storage

There are three options for storage. No storage, in cloud or, through an API, local storage. The cloud storage has automated retention periods which can be set and modified for different videos.

RTMP Feeds

GoodSAM can handle video from any video source with an RTMP feed, this includes bodycams, drones, Go-Pros and CCTV cameras.

Instant Transcribe / Translate

No need for a translator - instantly see words for hard of hearing and translate into other languages.

Home Monitoring

Schedule regular texts or emails with unique secured links to collect signs and symptoms.

Pop-Out Window

No need for a second screen. Pop out video to type in notes and maintain patient eye contact.

It has been demonstrated to alter decision making in terms of upgrading or downgrading response in 1/4 to 1/3 of all calls. A recent study with North West Ambulance Service has the following staggering statistics using GoodSAM Instant-On-Scene:

- In 93% of calls, an outcome was reached more quickly with GoodSAM video.
- 17% of calls were upgraded.
- 24% of calls were downgraded.
- 96% of dispatchers said it increased their confidence in clinical decision making.
- In 62% of cases it prevented the onward need for a face to face consultation.
- And >97% found the GoodSAM system easy to use.
- On average call times were reduced from 15 minutes to 6 minutes.

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