United Kingdom / Europe

GoodSAM provides a plethora of services across the UK. We work with virtually all the ambulance services and over 3/4 of police services as well as many fire services. GoodSAM has radically changed service delivery - simply get in touch for a demo / trial.

Cardiac Arrest

GoodSAM is the UK's national cardiac arrest alerting system. It has been shown that a GoodSAM response is associated with a more than doubling in survival (odds ration 3:1). By increasing training and responder density, we can bring this increased survival to even more people. This has lead to a fantastic partnership with the UK Resuscitation Council. By completing their lifesaver training, it is possible for anyone to be a GoodSAM responder.

111, 999 and Out of Hours Video

We are the video system to the UK's NHS 111 system and provide Instant-on-scene video to many of the 999 and air ambulance services. The ability to see a patient can considerably improve triage decisions, expediting those seriously unwell and downgrading those who are not.

We also provide our "pathways" system to a range of specialities. For example, in stroke care, the video of the patient, either from the 999 / 111 call or from a paramedic on scene can be instantly scene by a stroke specialist and a patient specific plan made.

GoodSAM is also the National Health Service's Volunteer platform. During Covid we recruited, managed and deployed over 800,000 NHS Volunteers to a range of tasks including: Delivery of food / medications, "Check in and Chat" phone calls, patient transport, vaccination services support and much more. Post Covid we are now also working with the Department of Health and Social Care to expand roles into helping elderly fallers and assisting those in nursing homes.


GoodSAM is used by most UK Police forces. It is far more than just an instant video platform. The multiway consultation function is revolutionising the care of domestic violence victims through Rapid Video Response. This results in a 3 x higher arrest rate.

The location function has found many people who are trapped / abducted / missing. The ability to combine this with video means the system can also be used for bail.

The inbuilt evidence upload functionality saves impounding a person's phone and means that video stream / images can be immediately forwarded to officers in the vicinity.

The platform also has an ability to send documents such as statements which a witness can sign on their phone, again streamlining victim care.

GoodSAM also streams drone, CCTV and BodyCam feed in a controlled auditable secure, MOPI compliant manner.

The drone feed video system enables footage to be streamed directly to officers in the vicinity of the incident to increase situational awareness and help localise a suspect.


GoodSAM provides a comprehensive alerting / dispatching and video system to many fire services too. The forwarding of drone footage is specifically useful for firefighters on the ground. Because in most areas police and ambulance also use GoodSAM, the sharing of resource location and incident video across staff is easy.