Instant Help

Ambulance / Police / Fire

A picture paints a thousand words. Moving video and audio, a thousand more. As used by 999 / 111 / 101 / 112 / 911 / 000 and Out Of Hours Emergency Services Around the World, GoodSAM's Instant Help platform enables emergency dispatchers and urgent care call handlers to instantly locate the caller and open their smartphone camera.

There are no Apps to download and the caller can easily show the relevant person or the surrounding scene.

Instant Video

Instantly open the caller's phone camera while maintaining the call. No Apps and no camera needed in dispatch/PSAP.

Instant Location

The location of the caller is immediately conveyed along with their direction of travel and speed. (Lat/lng, easting/northing and W3W is supported)

Instant Media Upload

Instantly upload images and videos from anyone's mobile phone or computer. Media can be immediately forwarded to others.

Instant chat

For situations where the caller cant convey an audio or video call.

Instant Consultation

Video consult across multiple devices for diagnosis, interviews and witness statements.

Instant Statements/Prescription

Send a document on the fly and obtain onscreen real signature for download and another to confirm agreement. All date/time/IP address stamped.

Video Forwarding

Forward video to nearby officers for situational awareness and instant suspect identification.

Vital Signs

we have developed an exclusive artificial intelligence system to measure pulse rate through the video.

Transcribe and Translate

For hard of hearing, words appear in English. For those not speaking English, instantly translate into 104 languages.

Multi-agency collaboration

Immediately share video to provide situational awareness across police, fire and ambulance.

Drones / Bodycams / CCTV

Ingest video from any RTMP feed and forward to on the ground or nearby officers.

Video Storage

If enabled, video is stored in County (Encrypted) with various retention periods (from hours to years).

Single-sign-on integration

GoodSAM can support OAuth 2.0 (for example Microsoft Azure) authentication.

Team based permissions

You can set up various teams and each team can have access to different features.

Powerful API

GoodSAM has a Restful API and can integrate into many other solutions/systems.

It has been demonstrated to alter decision making in terms of upgrading or downgrading response in 1/4 to 1/3 of all calls. A recent study with North West Ambulance Service has the following staggering statistics using GoodSAM Instant-On-Scene:

- In 93% of calls, an outcome was reached more quickly with GoodSAM video.
- 17% of calls were upgraded.
- 24% of calls were downgraded.
- 96% of dispatchers said it increased their confidence in clinical decision making.
- In 62% of cases it prevented the onward need for a face to face consultation.
- And >97% found the GoodSAM system easy to use.
- On average call times were reduced from 15 minutes to 6 minutes.

In Copenhagen, the system has been used for many thousands of calls with similar results.

London Ambulance Service

Great North Air Ambulance

Kent Sussex Surrey Air Ambulance