GoodSAM is used by many organisations. You can use this page to register as a GoodSAM Cardiac responder or as an NHS Volunteer. If your organisation uses GoodSAM Instant-On-Scene video, GoodSAM Consultations or GoodSAM Pro, please ask your GoodSAM administrator or IT department to create an account for you instead.

GoodSAM Cardiac Responder

If you are trained in CPR and have an in-date certification, please register here and select your affiliated organisation (or select GoodSAM if your organisation is not listed.) Please click here for information on accepted First Aid/CPR training.

If you would like to complete the online 'Lifesaver' training in order to become a GoodSAM Cardiac Responder, please register here.

If you have an account, simply log on here. No registration is required on the website or the Responder App.

* If you are registering to complete the online 'Lifesaver' training, you will need to also complete an ID check before you can respond to cardiac arrest alerts.

NHS and Care Volunteer Responders

Click here to register as an NHS and Care Volunteer Responder to pick up one or more of the following roles:

- Check in and Chat
- Community Response
- Volunteer Vaccinator Stewards
- Patient Transport
- Pick Up And Deliver
- Care Alert Responder

* As part of the registration process you will undergo an ID Check, and some roles may require a criminal records check.

* The availability of roles may vary based on region.

GoodSAM pro
GoodSAM Consultation
GoodSAM Instant-on-scene

If your organisation (e.g. Police, Fire, Ambulance, 111) uses GoodSAM Instant-On-Scene, GoodSAM Consultations or GoodSAM Pro, please ask your administrator to set up your account and do not register directly.

* Please do not register directly using your work email address.

* Many organisations have enabled Microsoft Azure Single Sign On (SSO) which allows login without any prior registration required. Please seek guidance from your organisation on how to sign in.