GoodSAMs' medically qualified Responders on average have helped 1 cardiac arrest victim every 3 minutes in the past year. Here is an example where we have saved a life!

Through GoodSAM you have three ways of volunteering even if you are not medically qualified. All three systems will help to provide local help in a number of roles - for example:

- Being a Telephone Companion
- Collecting and delivering food/prescriptions/medications
- Transporting patients
- Transporting supplies and medicines

Please note you can only register under one organisation.

Registering under another organisation will move your account from your previous organisation so please do not re-register unless you really intend to MOVE organisations.

National NHS Volunteering

We are powering the NHS Volunteering platform, in partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service.

If you are able to volunteer, please register.

British Red Cross

We are also powering the British Red Cross's Volunteer Response system.

If you are able to volunteer, please register.

Other organisations on GoodSAM

And of Course - you can register with us in the normal manner under any of the listed organiastions.

If you are able to Respond, please register.