The GoodSAM Platform is designed to be simple and intuitive, both for professionals instigating consultations / alerts, and for the public.

In an emergency, systems need to be obvious and fast - so when it comes to the public receiving a request for their location and to open the cameras of their mobile phone there is nothing to download, nothing to log into or register with and they don't even have to hang up the emergency call. They just click the link.

The GoodSAM Foundation also runs webinars for shared learning amongst all those who use our platform. You should receive a newsletter regarding this, but if you wish us to set up a webinar for your specific organisation, please do get in touch (

For call handlers, dispatchers, clinicians and administrators, the platform is intuitive, however, we have created these three simple videos to help you get started:

One Way Video:

Use this while keeping the caller on the 999 / 111 / 911 / 000 / 112 call. It locates them and they can show you what they see. This is extremely useful in conditions such as trauma (look at the scene and the patient) or for police to quickly record a crime scene that is unfolding.

Two Way / Consultation Video:

This is useful when you want to bring more than one person in (for example the next of kin or a colleague) or if it is useful for the caller to also see you (for example a mental health patient).

Administrator Video:

This brief video demonstrates the basic administrator functions so that you can create accounts for staff and give various levels of permissions of functions.


We appreciate your feedback in continually improving our training materials. If you have used the infographics or videos please feedback here.

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