Request for support

Welcome to the Volunteer Responders programme. Our volunteers support the health and wellbeing of people in the community and assist healthcare teams. This is a free to use service and all volunteer expenses are covered by the programme.

Before you request support from the scheme, please note our volunteers cannot undertake any personal care or cleaning tasks. They offer non-emergency support only and the scheme cannot guarantee a volunteer for every request. However, as one of the largest volunteer networks across England, our volunteers provide an excellent support service fulfilling thousands of requests for help every month.

This is not a treatment service and is not suitable for all patients for example those with severe mental health issues. Our volunteers' safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, please consider whether the person you are referring is suitable for this type of volunteer support.

Refer someone or request support for yourself

Volunteers can help with various activities including telephone support, social activities and collecting items such as prescriptions, shopping.

- Telephone Support
- Community Response
- In Home (e.g. social activities)

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Request volunteering support for your site

Volunteers can support your site by helping with a range of tasks including, driving, stewarding, welcoming and guiding.

- Site Support
- Driving Support
- Driving Support Plus

Please click here to find out more about the support offered.

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