NHS Volunteer Responders referral and Steward Volunteer request form

This form is for:

  • Requesting Steward Volunteers for COVID-19 vaccination sites
  • Referring individuals or NHS organisations for support from volunteers. The types of support are listed below.
When you submit your first request you will receive an emailed verification link. Once you have clicked this link you will automatically be registered and your requests for support will be live in the GoodSAM app. This means the app will allocate the tasks to available volunteers in relevant locations. All of your further referrals will be live immediately. You will have access to a dashboard which shows whether the requests/referrals you have entered have been matched with volunteers.

Full instructions are in this PDF instruction document.

Other ways to request volunteers are:

  • By phone on 0808 196 3382.
Please note that we will process personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice - Referral Parties, which you can find here.

You must select the correct support as this is matched to a volunteer with specific vetting for that role. An individual requiring shopping or prescription pick up is Community Support. A pharmacy/GP surgery/NHS site requiring the collection and delivery of many prescriptions/supplies is NHS Transport Support. IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE CALL 0808 196 3382.

Your details

(You will receive an email verification link after your first referral, once you have confirmed this, you will receive your login details - Requests from NHS/Gov email addresses will then go live automatically, alternative addresses will need approval and may take up to 72 hours)