Thank you for agreeing to register as a GoodSAM responder in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The GoodSAM Responder app saves lives by letting volunteer responders know that someone nearby has gone into sudden cardiac arrest and needs help.

Hands-only CPR can help circulate blood flow to the rest of the body while waiting for paramedics and other first responders to show up.

Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) within the first few minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest, combined with hands-only CPR, very much increases someone's chance of surviving that event.

There are five things to remember when someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest; three of them are part of the American Heart Association/Heart & Stroke's Chain of Survival:

+ Safety - Always make sure that you feel safe in any situation. Please do not approach a scene that does not feel safe. Remember, you can always call 911 from a distance.
+ Recognize that someone is in sudden cardiac arrest and call 911.
+ Perform CPR.
+ Use an AED.
+ Time - Do all the above quickly and you give someone the best chance of survival.

Sudden cardiac arrest can be physically and mentally demanding. If you would like more support psychologically after a sudden cardiac arrest, please visit

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  I confirm that I have the skills and knowledge to perform CPR and use an AED and I am over 18 years old.

  I acknowledge that volunteering and participating in GoodSAM events can cause physical injury or psychological trauma; and understand that it is my personal responsibility to monitor my mental health and seek appropriate assistance as required.