GoodSAM provides the ability for those calling emergency services to instantly share their location and live video from their mobile device, without an app, dramatically improving dispatch efficiency for Police, Fire & Ambulance agencies worldwide.

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San Antonio Fire Department

London Ambulance Service

West Yorkshire Police

GoodSAM Cardiac Volunteers

If you can do CPR, please join us today

In cardiac arrest, seconds count. The GoodSAM Network of Volunteer responders provide basic life support to those nearby in cardiac arrest while an ambulance is en route. These off-duty nurses, paramedics, doctors, police, fire and first aiders save many lives each year. Watch the video and join our community this restart-a-heart day.

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1.5M+ Users
3.0M+ Alerts
200+ Partners
100,000+ Videos
Per Month

GoodSAM Medical

We alerts those trained to Cardiac Arrests and has saved many hundreds of lives. GoodSAM Pro dispatches staff and community first responders to the breadth of emergencies.
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GoodSAM Police

We have a comprehensive MOPI compliant video system that enables call handlers to instantly see the scene and forward that video to officers en route.

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GoodSAM Fire and Rescue

We provide both dispatch and instant video to fire services but can also handle and forward drone video and video from any sources.

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GoodSAM Volunteering

The GoodSAM Platform is powering the NHS Volunteer responder scheme across the UK. Once a referral for someone in need is made, they are automatically deployed with a > 99.5% instant automated matching rate.

If you would like to become an NHS Volunteer Responder, you can register here.

If you are a Healthcare Professional, you can refer someone for support.

If you would like help, please call 0808 196 3646.